Saturday, February 14, 2009

Web Application Review Process

Web Application Review Process in

I plan to organize the review process in three simple & transparent steps...

  1. Developer's Specification
  2. Expert Review & Rating
  3. Community Review & Rating
Developer Specification

The will have the link to submit web applications. The web developers can submit their web application with the detailed application specification, price details and support details. The webapprater editorial team will check this and publish it in the site. The submission is completely free... no fees.

We are planning to include about 1000 web applications grouped under different categories. The analysis work is on

Expert Review & Rating

The Expert Team

We plan to form the expert review team. The expert review team will include the subject matter experts. We plan to include the voluteers/bloggers from all professional groups include business analyst, project managers, QA & testing, User experience & usability experts, SEO experts.

The experts will own a page/column to publish their articles & blogs and can exchange their links.

The Editorial Team

The review & rating based on journal. One group/category of web applications reviewed a single month and rating published.

For example in the month March 2009, web applications realated to e-mail marketing services, in the month of April 2009, web applications related to image hosting services. The editorial team will decide which web application to be reviewed.

The web applications to be reviewed are hand picked by the expert team and expert team will review the application and rate them. The following are rating criteria

  1. Brand, Experience & Developer's Dependability
  2. Features Available
  3. Design/ Design Customization
  4. Usability & User Experience (ease of use)
  5. Security
  6. Technical Support Services
  7. Hosting Support Services
  8. Help Manuals & Supportive Documents
  9. Price & Plans
  10. Upgradations
The expert team will review the web application & editorial team sum up and publish it.

Community Review & Rating

The end-users/consumers/community alsoo can rate the web application & rate it. Their review will be called comments.

There will be three stage monitoring process
  1. Modearator : All the comments are readed and checked by moderator team
  2. Mark it as Spam: The other members can mark it as spam and subject to editorial team's check
  3. Objection/Reply: In case the developer crew wants to object or say reply to the comments it will alos be published.
Hope this process stands for a time.

Seeking advice from community

WebAppRater in Joomla

WebAppRater - Exclusive Community Portal for Web application review & rating.

I plan to use Joomla 1.5 for my website development Joomla has many extensions that support the effective content management.

I build and tested the site with joomla. I used two extensions Jforms and Chrono-comments. Both working fine.

Thanks Joomla

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Beginning of New Community

Community for Rating & Reviewing Web Applications

WebAppRater is the exclusive community website for rating and reviewing the web applications. This is the common place for web application developers and buyers. Here any one can list their web application (free/open source/ commercial) and invite the community members to use it, review it and rate it. This web site is launched in the intention of establishing an internet community presence exclusively focused on web applications. This development is the community interest and there is no listing fee to list your web application.

Currently we are developing this website with the help of open source CMS system. We are planning to launch the blog, forum and knowledge sharing web site to make more useful.

Currently we are inviting all the major web application developers to post their product specification. we expect to get about more than 1000 applications in a single site grouped to few categories. Currently our site is only a start-up page stage. it will grow.

Send your application details. The general format is

Application Title

Logo ( not more than 300x 400px Size / Preferably .png image with no background/white background)

Brief Description
(about 200 words)

Long Description /Key Features (about 2500 words) - any HTML/bulleted List

ScreenShots - 5 Screens ( about 165x 210px size thumbnail & 700 x 1000+px size Large View)

Scheme/Fee Details
(about 400 words)

Contact Details/Contact Mail/ Chat Button URL

We'll add the article into the CMS and publish it. Major promotional work will be on Apirl 2009. We also developing the site.

For supporting the developers we ourselves made a rule
  1. All the reviews (positive/negative) will be published only after the webapprater team's manual reading
  2. The positive reviews will be posted after the review
  3. On negative reviews, we'll inform to the application developers and ask (by mail) the feedback from the developers. We'll publish them both. The planned time span is 3 days. If in three day the developer not given any response we'll post a message "waiting for response". The reminder will send on day 6, day 15, day 30, day 60, day 90 & day 120.

WebAppRater is the community portal and earn income only through advertisements... no sales.... no fees.

Please support this initiative by sending your web application/ hosted service description to us.

Visit our site and create an account and post your web application for review.

If you have any problem in creating and posting or any other queries, feel free to write us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .